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How to rotate one page in PDF?

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Choose the PDF document by clicking "Choose File" button.

Double-click the page in the left pane, then choose "Rotate 90° Counterclockwise" or "Rotate 90° Clockwise".

When finished, select 'Export' at the top-right and save your file.

Your Questions Are All Covered

How to rotate and save a PDF ?

With PDFsail, you can rotate PDFs quickly and easily without lengthy installations. Just visit the Rotate PDF section, upload your file, and choose which pages to rotate. Your document's orientation doesn't have to be permanent. Try our tool and see how simple it is to rotate PDF pages!

How to rotate only one page in PDF ?

Flipping a single page in a multi-page PDF can be tricky with conventional methods, but our PDF rotator simplifies this process. Open your file, view the individual pages in the left pane, and select the page you want to flip. Right-click on it, then choose the rotating tool. This will only affect the selected page, leaving the rest of the document unchanged.

How to turn PDF upside down ?

It’s as easy to turn PDF upside down as it is to rotate it with our software. Just upload the file you want and use one of the ‘Rotate’ options twice on any page you wish to flip 180°. Repeat this for as many sections of the PDF as you want. Once done, save your file in your preferred format.