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How to edit PDF online?

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Open PDFsail and drop the PDF file you want to modify.

Add elements (text, images, etc.) using the editor.

Approve the modified document, download or share it.

Your Questions Are All Covered

Can I edit the text in a PDF?

Editing existing text using our Edit PDF tool is simple. Upload your document and navigate to the Edit tab. Click on the text you'd like to edit and make your changes.

Can I add password protection to my edited file?

Sometimes documents need a little extra protection and security. That's why we created our Protect PDF tool. Once you're done editing your document, you can select the tool from the Tools dropdown. You'll be redirected to create and repeat a password to encrypt your file.

Can I e-sign my file once I'm done editing?

Once you're done editing your PDF, all you need to do is select our eSign PDF tool from the Tools dropdown and you'll move seamlessly into e-signing mode.