Convert HTML files or web pages into PDF files online and in one click.

How to convert HTML files to PDF

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enter the one website URL in the appropriate box. Make sure to insert the full URL, including http:// or https://.

HTML to PDF converter will start the process automatically.

Finally, click on download to export the converted PDF file.

Your Questions Are All Covered

How do I convert HTML to PDF in Chrome ?

Use online tools: Visit the PDFsail online converter, upload the HTML file or enter the URL for conversion, and then download the generated PDF.

Why would you want to convert HTML to PDF?

Converting HTML to PDF ensures consistency across different devices, facilitates online sharing, and enhances file protection and interactivity. HTML and PDF differ in terms of storage method, cross-platform display consistency, and security.

Is it safe to convert HTML to PDF?

It is totally safe to perform these conversions using our tool. Our system will automatically delete all uploads and conversions after one hour in order to secure your sensitive data.