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Your Questions Are All Covered

Which format is better: PDF or EPUB ?

Choosing between PDF and EPUB formats for eBooks depends on your preferences and needs. PDF preserves the layout and design, making it ideal for textbooks, manuals, and graphics-heavy documents. EPUB is more flexible, adapting to different screen sizes with adjustable fonts and reflowable text. Fortunately, you can create both versions of the same book using our online EPUB to PDF converter.

How to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac ?

Mac OS lacks built-in programs for converting eBooks to PDF. To change formats, you can either use an online converter or download specialized software. These are the only methods to convert EPUB to PDF on Mac computers.

Can you read PDF on Kindle ?

Yes, you can read PDFs on Kindle. Transfer documents via USB or use the Send to Kindle feature. Once the PDF is on your Kindle, you can open and read it like any other eBook. However, the formatting may not always be perfect, but you can still read and navigate through the document.