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How to convert PDF to TXT

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Drag your PDF` file and drop it in the upload window, or select it manually

After upload click on "Convert" button. Wait for conversion process to complete.

Finally, click on download to export the converted TXT file.

Your Questions Are All Covered

Can I convert PDF to TXT file online?

When using PDFsail, there is no need to download software to convert a PDF to TXT. Open the tool in your preferred operating system, select your file, and let PDFsail complete the conversion 100% online.

How to extract Text from a PDF?

PDFsail's conversion tool allows for you to extract text from a PDF. Use this tool transform a PDF to an editable Text file.

How to convert PDF to Text on Linux?

You can easily convert PDFs on Linux, Mac, Windows, or any other operating system without the need to download any software using PDFsail. Our online PDF editor is the easiest and fastest way to convert any file.